Nowadays the news frames facts in a such a way that they force their view, their reality upon us. I think that's gross and disturbing.

We found a perfect metaphor to describe what is actually happening when we both get triggered. We call it "the emotional seesaw".

Till a couple of years ago I thought I came from a normal family. You know, the one you think everybody else has. Until my mom got her ASD diagnosis.

Last year shook me to the core and made me reevaluate everything I thought was good and normal. I had to tear down my house to redo my foundation.

I wasn't super-food, quinoa, smoothie healthy, but I ate my vegetables, tried to limit fat and sugar and not overdo alcohol. Sounds reasonable right?

Getting old on itself is not the goal or mission. I want to be here for as long as possible so I can improve as many things as possible.

The goals I stated for myself might seem far-fetched and maybe a little dreamy even. Well, maybe you're right, so let me put them into context.

A short explanantion about what I think goals should be and why you should set them for yourself. So, what are my goals and why do I have them?

Learn stuff for free on the internet? Sure, you can Google your way out of almost anything. But for me, that's where the agony starts.