I always assumed salt was bad for you, but a low salt intake seems to be more dangerous than eating too much salt.

I'm on edge and I don't know why exactly. I do have some theories, but I don't have the full picture yet. Normally that would be a reason not to share...

2019 July 18FOODHEALTH

This year I read and heard about (intermittent) fasting for your health multiple times. It wasn't completely new, as I saw a film about it on the BBC.

I wasn't super-food, quinoa, smoothie healthy, but I ate my vegetables, tried to limit fat and sugar and not overdo alcohol. Sounds reasonable right?

You will also never find what you love to do, without trying. So this is what I did for the very first time this last 1 - 1.5 year.

A short explanantion about what I think goals should be and why you should set them for yourself. So, what are my goals and why do I have them?

Why and how I run. The first and I hope also the last post I write about it. For me running is the easiest and cheapest way of working out. And I love...


SI don't know if this is something Dutch or if this happens everywhere. But, to my frustration, most parties start around midnight and sometimes end a...

For now, instead of writing and creating my journey, I'm going to document it.