I always assumed salt was bad for you, but a low salt intake seems to be more dangerous than eating too much salt.

Eating ice-cream made me feel very bad. Does that mean I have a sugar intolerance? Probably not, but it did make me think about my relation with sugar...

2019 July 18FOODHEALTH

This year I read and heard about (intermittent) fasting for your health multiple times. It wasn't completely new, as I saw a film about it on the BBC.

I wasn't super-food, quinoa, smoothie healthy, but I ate my vegetables, tried to limit fat and sugar and not overdo alcohol. Sounds reasonable right?

The goals I stated for myself might seem far-fetched and maybe a little dreamy even. Well, maybe you're right, so let me put them into context.

A short explanantion about what I think goals should be and why you should set them for yourself. So, what are my goals and why do I have them?