2020 March 43 min read

A year ago I registered this domain and setup the blog to document my journey as I’m "trying to figure out what I want to achieve with my time in the sun". In that year I shifted my focus a few times.

I changed the focus from the original goal "live past the year 2100" to "help two billion people make sense of "difficult" things". But I also shifted my focus from my blog to my company jodiBooks.

After I quit my job in May, I started to feel more and more responsible for jodiBooks. I used to only be involved, but not really do anything. All the actual work was being done by Diana. In August this came to a head and I decided to start learning to code.

Learning to code took all my time, effort and focus away from my blog and I never wrote the articles I promised to. I tried picking it up a few times, but I just don’t have the time. Or as an old colleague often said: "no time = no priority" (it sounds better in Dutch though: "geen tijd is geen prioriteit").

Now 6 months later, I learned that coding is nice, but it is not one of my "strongest" skills to put it mildly. I know it will improve by practicing, but I don’t have that luxury. Running your own business means having lots of different responsibilities, all competing for your time and attention.

What I also learned was that I really like to design and build systems. In this case the systems that run our software, but I also remember that given the chance, I will also start building systems for people to work together more efficiently. In effect those systems are a company. And the nice thing is, it also happens to be something that I’m good at.

Now, I’m at a point with jodiBooks and this blog, where I have to decide what I’m going to do with both. With jodiBooks we’re going to focus more on using and connecting existing software and thus adding value by building the best and easiest-to-use systems.

On my blog I will keep writing about my journey. But instead of focusing on the initial subjects, I’m going to add articles on how to build systems. I hope I can return to the original intent in the future.

For now, instead of writing and creating my journey, I’m going to document it.

This is part one.