To put the 2 billion people in context. If Facebook (i.e. one man, Mark Zuckerberg) can help 2 billion people, why can't I.

The goals I stated for myself might seem far-fetched and maybe a little dreamy even. Well, maybe you're right, so let me put them into context.

A short explanantion about what I think goals should be and why you should set them for yourself. So, what are my goals and why do I have them?

Why and how I run. The first and I hope also the last post I write about it. For me running is the easiest and cheapest way of working out. And I love...

2018 June 169 min read

SI don't know if this is something Dutch or if this happens everywhere. But, to my frustration, most parties start around midnight and sometimes end a...

2018 May 116 min read

For now, instead of writing and creating my journey, I'm going to document it.