2019 July 157 min read

I set myself a goal: write at least one post each week. That doens't always work out as this blog is not my main priority, it's just one of my priorit...

2019 July 124 min read

I love quotes. Ok, not all obviously. But generally quotes have the ability to confer emotions, wisdom or both in just a few words.

I wasn't super-food, quinoa, smoothie healthy, but I ate my vegetables, tried to limit fat and sugar and not overdo alcohol. Sounds reasonable right?

I have to let go of perfection and I have to believe I will be better at things I suck at now. I'm not saying that will be easy. I know it is very har...

Getting old on itself is not the goal or mission. I want to be here for as long as possible so I can improve as many things as possible.

2019 April 1213 min read

You will also never find what you love to do, without trying. So this is what I did for the very first time this last 1 - 1.5 year.