2020 June 420 min read

When you're figuring out who you are and what you stand for, sooner or later you run into politics. It starts small when dealing with family and frien...

I'm on edge and I don't know why exactly. I do have some theories, but I don't have the full picture yet. Normally that would be a reason not to share...

2020 April 2613 min read

Till a couple of years ago I thought I came from a normal family. You know, the one you think everybody else has. Until my mom got her ASD diagnosis.

2020 March 43 min read

For now, instead of writing and creating my journey, I'm going to document it.

What I learned from migrating our websites and applications to AWS? I had forgotten I used to love experimenting with servers. I had always been too a...

2020 January 309 min read

Last year shook me to the core and made me reevaluate everything I thought was good and normal. I had to tear down my house to redo my foundation.