2020 September 415 min read

Nowadays the news frames facts in a such a way that they force their view, their reality upon us. I think that's gross and disturbing.

2020 August 1110 min read

We found a perfect metaphor to describe what is actually happening when we both get triggered. We call it "the emotional seesaw".

I always assumed salt was bad for you, but a low salt intake seems to be more dangerous than eating too much salt.

2020 July 182 min read

So this is "whiteness"? I never knew I was that one dimensional. But you know what, I can live with that.

2020 June 1615 min read

The newspeak revolution has arrived. Words are banned, because some thoughts are seen as unwanted. It is a dystopian vision that is becoming eerily tr...

2020 June 1310 min read

I have to start treating myself like I treat other people. I'm never that brutal and unforgiving to other people, so I have to stop beating myself up.